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Cobar Arwyn


DOB August 18, 2016


Height 19", Weight 28 pounds.


Arwyn is out of Hunterslea Adelaide by Cobar Tucker.


Arwyn is sensible and level-headed. When it's time to work she is as intense as they come, but when work is done she is content to just hang out nearby. She is a thinker, a problem solver and is extremely fast and athletic. Arwyn loves people and is extremely affectionate and loves to snuggle. She is social with other dogs. 

Arwyn is in training for performance shows, obedience, musical freestyle, tricks and disc. She has done several herding lessons on sheep/goats as well. 

Arwyn has also started working as a decoy dog in my behaviour practice. She helps reactive/aggressive dogs learn appropriate social skills and brings shy/fearful dog out of their shell helping them learn how to play and interact with other dogs. She works with Zindzi as my second/stand in demo dog for my trick/freestyle and obedience lessons. 

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