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Cobar Zindzi


NTD, ITD, ATD, ETD, TDCh, AKC-TKP, CGN, W-FD/HTM, W-FD/MF, W-FDX/MF, W-TFDX, W-DD, W-DDX, MF-N, R-FE/NS, HIC, Junior Jumper - UAD/C, Senior Jumper - UAD/C, RPT, DD, DDX, DDCh, BDD, ADD,BDF, ADF, XQ-MUP Basic, DQ-Time Trial Expert, SW-Open Basic, SQ-Open Expert


DOB May 22, 2010


Height 17", Weight 24 pounds


Zindzi is out of Hillview Jindi by Avalon Barcoo


Zindzi is easy to live with, easy to travel with and super fun to work and train with. She has excelled in everything I have done with her, both in dog sports and in life.


She has trained and excelled in musical freestyle, tricks, obedience, scent detection and dock diving.  Zindzi has been a Skyhoundz World Finalist in the sport of disc dog in Freestyle, Extreme Distance and Distance & Accuracy as well as a USDDN World Finalist.


She has performed with the Superdogs at the Canadian National Exhibition and Royal Winter Fair as well as many other venues. Zindzi was also a member of The Woofjocks, a canine performance team, who regularly put on shows for the public demonstrating agility and other dog sports while teaching people about dog training and responsible pet ownership.


Outside of work, she is content to either spend a day at home watching Netflix, go road tripping on an adventure or go hiking with us in any terrain.  My work and life is anything but routine and Zindzi is by my side through it all, happy with whatever the day may bring.

Zindzi has been the main decoy dog and therapy dog in my canine behaviour consulting practice. She has helped many dogs learn social skills and greatly enriched their lives as a result. She is my number one demo dog for all classes that I teach.

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