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Kinga roo

Burrendah Kosciuszko


DOB December 2016


Height 18", Weight 33 pounds

KingaRoo is out of Hunterslea Marley by Burrendah Jake


KingaRoo left a farm in Australia at four months of age and travelled almost three days to get to Canada. When she came to live with me she went straight to a five day stay at the Canadian Pet Expo hanging out with the other koolies performing in shows with The Woofjocks. She instantly took on the role of master Meeter and Greeter and met hundreds of kids a day. She came out in between shows to meet new people, socialize with the other dogs and began learning lots of new tricks and games. She even performed in some shows during the tuggie toy demonstration. 


That is Kinga, she is super social loving all people and dogs and takes everything in stride with her happy go lucky attitude. She is very good-natured but when it comes to working and training she is all business. She is fast as a bullet and extremely athletic. She is training for several different sports and has just started training in high jump as jumping is one of her favourite things to do. She is the bounciest dog we have ever met. She has been a joy to train and work with and has started training in herding as well.

Kinga was bred to Cobar Ollie and gave me my wonderful Spirit. Spirit moved to Germany in 2022 to join Meadowfield Koolie kennel providing new bloodlines and genetic diversity to help establish the breed in Europe. Kinga Roo is now spayed and retired from breeding.  

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